TRAINING OF O: Little Fuck Toy (Day 1 & 2)

TRAINING OF O: Little Fuck Toy (Day 1 & 2)

TRAINING OF O: Little Fuck Toy (Day 1 & 2)TRAINING OF O: Little Fuck Toy (Day 1 & 2) – Beschreibung:
Absolut scharf, was THE TRAINING OF O mit Holly Michaels für die DVD LITTLE FUCK TOY produziert hat. Denn in den Tagen 1 und 2 geht es zunächst um die Grundausbildung zur O. Und dabei werden der „armen“ Holly dermaßen viel Zwangsorgasmen verpasst, dass man gar nicht mehr mitzählen kann. Und die sind so authentisch, dass keinerlei Zweifel über die Echtheit aufkommen. Da macht das Zuschauen besonders viel Spaß, zumal die Orgasmen immer mit gewissen Ausbildungsmaßnahmen verbunden sind. Spanking, Klammern, Bondage, Blow Jobs und natürlich Penetration – die Ausbildungstage 1 & 2 sind richtig gut gemacht und bieten abwechslungsreiche BDSM-Pornografie. Schon alleine wegen Holly’s Gesichtsausdruck, wenn es ihr mal wieder kommt, ist es wert, sich diese atemberaubende DVD zuzulegen.

DVD Snapshots und Highlights aus TRAINING OF O: Little Fuck Toy (Day 1 & 2)
TRAINING OF O: Little Fuck Toy (Day 1 & 2)

Frankie’s Wertung:

Frankie’s ungeschminkte Kritik:
Das passt! Wer auf BDSM im Sinne von einer Ausbildung zur O abfährt, der ist mit der DVD LITTLE FUCK TOY bestens bedient. Denn die ersten beiden Tage von Holly Michaels Ausbildung sind absolut top! Und so viele Orgasmen – klasse. Diese Scheibe ist ein echter Genuss, und zwar nicht nur für diejenigen, denen es gefällt, wenn Frauen so richtig intensive Orgasmen bekommen. Denn nicht nur das kriegt Holly Michaels verdammt gut hin, denn sie bietet noch viel mehr und man wartet schon darauf, was als nächstes passiert. Da gibt es nichts zu meckern und ich vergebe dieser DVD gerne 5 Sterne, denn das hat sie allemal verdient.
(Comment by Frankie S.)

Hot. Holly Michaels is Hot. Undisciplined raw material, but Fucking Hot. Great, round luscious tits, beautiful bouncing ass, horny, hungry pussy. And this week, she is all Mine. Mine to Train. Mine to change from undisciplined little fuck toy to slave girl. We have allot of work to do.

She thinks this is going to be just another porn shoot. I have to chuckle as I string her nipples up to a couple of buckets of rocks for a painful predicament. She has no idea what is to come. Let’s find out how tough the little bitch is.

She is so shaken by her first scene, I decide it would be prudent to use this juncture to overwhelm her with praise and pleasure. I glove up and fuck the shit out of her hungry cunt with my hands. I loosen her little pussy up enough to stuff it with the biggest cock in our box. Watching her come and squirt uncontrollably amuses me, and I am left feeling we have stricken a nice balance thus far between pain and pleasure.

Now onto destroying her pretty, pale thighs. She sees the dick on the short post. She nods and smiles as I explain to her what is going to happen: reverse cowgirl on a dildo. She is confident. Her naivet is charming. She has no idea just how brutal this little exercise is actually going to be. In the end, her thighs are so burned out she can hardly stand. Sweat pours down her face. She is trembling and rambling incoherently. She is completely spent. Charming. And, a little more disciplined than when she started.

She is young and naive. Perfect submissive fodder for some mean old man to come along and take advantage of. It’s a good thing she came to me first or who know what would have happened to her.

Sarcasm aside, she has big, beautiful natural tits. And, they can take a good clamping of the nipples. I like this. I view it as a strength in her training and use it frequently throughout. First, by making her great tits totally vulnerable and then by clamping them up with a dozen or so clothespins and making her orgasm in a tough stress position. Good times.

Then there is a cock sucking. Watching that huge gimp dick disappear down her slippery throat is the highlight of my day. It is right up there with watching her struggle through a difficult cowgirl fuck that burns out her weak, pathetic little thighs. Oh slave trainee, you have miles to go before you rest. (The Training of O)

– Slideshow
– Multiple Chapter Stops
– 16:9 Anamorphic Widescreen
– Shot in HD
– No Regional Coding

Holly Michaels

98 min
Day 1: 54 min
Day 2: 44 min


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