KELLY MADISON: Dark Perversions 2

KELLY MADISON: Dark Perversions 2

KELLY MADISON: Dark Perversions 2 In die tiefsten Abgründe ihrer sexuellen Fantasie führt das Ehepaar Ryan und Kelly Madison mit ihrer Doppel-DVD-Produktion „Dark Perversions 2“. Für die vier Szenen dieser Ausgabe haben sie Bonnie Rotten, Luna Kitsuen, Casy Calvert und Alena Croft engagiert, die nur allzu gerne bereit waren, sich mit den beiden auf etwas abgefahrenere Drehs einzulassen. Erotisch inszeniert, liefert die DVD Bilder, die unter die Haut gehen. Als Zusatz gibt es auf der 2. DVD noch eine ausführlichere „Behind the Scenes“, die mit knapp 2 Stunden Lauflänge aufwartet. (EDELPORNOS)

Pornfidelity’s Dark Perversions #2 – 2 DISC DVD SET – Over 5 Hours of the Madison’s darkest and dirtiest desires laid bare! Starring Kelly and Ryan Madison – Featuring Bonnie Rotten, Luna Kitsuen, Casey Calvert and Alena Croft.

Scene 1: Dead Girls Don’t Cry with Bonnie Rotten and Ryan Madison – Dead girls don’t cry. They also can’t say no… Bonnie Rotten has a problem with dissociation of reality. She never knows what is real and what isn’t but one thing she can always bet on is that she’s going to get fucked and jizzed on. Ryan is the antagonist in Bonnie’s personal purgatory, and his job is to fuck her until she snaps out of it or loses her mind cumpletely.

Scene 2: The White Room w/ Luna C Kitsuen and Ryan Madison- Luna Kitsuen is on the streets, heart broken from the loss of a lover. She hangs out in the graveyard, reminiscing of what it was like to be touched. She’s soon reminded when Ryan picks her up, throws her in a trunk, takes her to the infamous „White Room“ and pounds her tight asshole until he fills it with cum. If you like it hardcore you’ll be very satisfied with this crazy ass fuck-a-thon.

Scene 3: Necromantic with Casey Calvert and Ryan Madison- Casey Calvert was curious about the other side. She decide to hold a seance all by herself and got more than she bargained for. Ryan is an evil spirit, hellbent on filling the innocent with his ectoplasmic cum, in hopes that he could someday return to this plain of existence to fuck as many women as he possibly can and plant his evil seed. Casey has the unfortunate pleasure of being unlucky number one.

Scene 4: Prey for Play with Alena Croft, Ryan and Kelly Madison – See Alena run. Alena runs fast. Run Alena run! Ryan and Kelly have a new big breasted, slutty toy to play with and she is being very uncooperative. She runs away every chance she gets, but there is no escaping the clutches of Kelly’s enormous tits. Her p…..ment for running away, is to fuck, suck, lick, slurp and swallow everything they throw at her. It’s going to be a sloppy, slippery, wet and tasty Ménage à trois.

Plus a second DVD with behind the scenes footage, special POV fluff cam, slide shows, Q & A and more…… (Kelly Madison)

– Behind the Scenes & POV Fluffing Cam (111 min)
– Q & A Content & Polaroids
– Photo Gallery
– BTS Photo Gallery
– Multiple Chapter Stops
– 16:9 Anamorphic Widescreen
– No Regional Coding

Kelly Madison, Ryan Madison, Bonnie Rotten, Luna Kitsuen, Casy Calvert, Alena Croft

Ryan & Kelly Madison

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