KELLY MADISON: Get My BeltWas wir über die Doppel-DVD „Get My Belt“ aus dem Hause Kelly Madison sagen können, ist in kurzen Worten gefasst: Außergewöhnlich und extrem abartig! Da waren selbst wir schockiert, denn so extraordinäres und extrem hartes Bildmaterial haben wir keinesfalls erwartet. Und schon gar nicht von Ryan und Kelly Madison, die sich mit dieser Produktion völlig von ihren vorherigen Pornofilmen abheben. Mit Chanel Preston, Brooklyn Lee, Chastity Lynn und Skin Diamond haben sie vier Darstellerinnen engagiert, die schon einige, besonders frivole Produktionen hinter sich gebracht haben und hierfür in der Branche bekannt sind. Aber in „Get My Belt“ wird die Belastungsfähigkeit dieser vier grenzwertig auf die Probe gestellt! Deshalb ist es keine Frage, dass jeder der auf die harte Gangart steht, mit diesem Film bestens bedient sein wird. Wer aber eine „normale“ Kelly Madison Produktion erwartet, sollte unbedingt die Finger von „Get My Belt“ lassen! Denn die gezeigten Aufnahmen sind in jedem Fall schockierend, aber – unserer Meinung nach – überraschend gut gelungen! (EDELPORNOS)

Our approach was to create a cinematic, sexy, sultry and appealing movie. We wanted to make the most passionate DVD we could where the women aren’t submissive but willing and wanting participates expressing their desires and the many ways in which that can be expressed. That is why we hired the amazing talent we did, not only because of their beauty and performance ability, but because of their higher level of sexuallity. We needed women that could pull off this kind of passion and we found them!

Oh My God – We might be crossing a line here but…FUCK IT! Chanel Preston is a good girl with a very kinky dark side that she doesn’t want her congregation to find out about. She’s trying to battle her need to be fucked in every hole she has, and she’s losing. Father Ryan is trying to alleviate his sins and her’s simultaneously, by fucking them out and shooting his sticky demons into her tight asshole. The power of cum compels her!

Hold Your Breath – Brooklyn Lee’s in for it now! She needs to be taught a lesson and Ryan’s just the one to give it her the way she needs it. He wraps his belt around her neck and punches her kitty with his man meat before sticking his rod right up her tight ass. That hole stretches as Ryan plunges in and out of her orifice while she begs for his cock milk. He obliges with 3 loads when he tosses her hot ass into the pool to cool down.

I’m Sorry – You’re not hardcore unless you fuck hardcore! Chastity Lynn has been a very bad girl, sneaking off in the middle of the night and sucking strange cock, when her mouth belongs to Ryan. She needs to be punished and Ryan doesn’t hold back on showing her who owns her tight little asshole. It’s gonna be an anal fuck fest tonight.

Yes, Master – Skin Diamond is a slave in the old west, who’s tormented by the conflict of wanting to escape her abusive owner but loving the feel of his hard cock at the same time. Ryan, a hammer wielding black smith, has a problem mixing discipline with pleasure. He owns her tight ass in more ways than one in the highly anticipated fourth and final installment of the „Get My Belt“ series.

Plus a second DVD with behind the scenes footage, special POV fluff cam, slide shows, Q & A and more…


– Behind the Scenes & POV Fluffing Cam (54 min)
– Q&A Content & Polaroids
– Photo Gallery
– BTS Photo Gallery
– Trailer „Get My Belt“
– Multiple Chapter Stops
– 16:9 Anamorphic Widescreen
– No Regional Coding

Chanel Preston, Chastity Lynn, Brooklyn Lee, Skin Diamond

Ryan & Kelly Madison

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