– HOGTIED: Ashlie Has Her Puffy Nipples Tortured

– HOGTIED: Ashlie Has Her Puffy Nipples Tortured

- HOGTIED: Ashlie Has Her Puffy Nipples Tortured Drei Szenen bietet die Ausgabe “Ashlie has her puffy Nipples tortured“ der Serie „Hogtied“ aus dem Hause KINK. Als bis zur Bewegungslosigkeit gefesselten Sexsklavinnen sind auf dieser DVD Ashli Orion, Lyla Strom und Cassandra Nix zu sehen, die nebst extremsten Fesselungen auch noch Auspeitschungen, Klammern, Gewichte, Dildos sowie ausgiebige Blow-Jobs zu ertragen bzw. zu absolvieren haben.
Die speziell für Feinschmecker des Genres Bondage ausgelegte Serie Hogtied bietet auch in dieser Ausgabe Bilder, die zu 100% die Vorlieben dieser Klientel erfüllt. Die Highlights der DVD “Ashlie has her puffy Nipples tortured“ sind aber eindeutig die harten Blow-Jobs, die von den drei gefesselten Subs abverlangt werden. Das macht die DVD auch für Einsteiger und Neugierige äußerst interessant, denn dass ausgefeilte Fesselungen in Kombination mit sexuellen Handlungen durchaus erotisch sein können, beweist KINK mit dieser Ausgabe besonders eindrucksvoll. (EDELPORNOS)

Ashli Orion has three things we love. Her huge puffy nipples, her amazing phat ass, and her blow job lips. We start by binding her elbows in a new tie that we teach to the members as we do it. We put her on her knees and secure her to a pipe system. Her legs are spread, and she is totally helpless.
We put suction cups on her huge nipples then clamp and add heavy weights. We put a blind fold mask on so she has no idea what we are going to do next. She takes a brutal skull fucking, hard body flogging and suffers through some intense breath play. A great warm up to the rest of the day.
Lyla Storm is back on Hogtied. This beautiful 22yr old is tall, skinny, tan, with huge nipples and a big mouth. Long sexy legs, a perfect ass and very flexible. This girl was built for sex.
Bound on the floor, severely arched back by a hair tie, Lyla is discovering just how intense this position is. It’s difficult for her to breathe or even swallow. Her back is protesting the extreme arch, but the vibrator clamped down and stuck directly on her clit is taking her mind off things for a bit.
We put suction cups on her huge nipples and double their size! We then clamp her nipples and pull them in the opposite direction from where her body is being pulled. If she wants to relieve the pain on her nipples, she has to arch back further. If she does that, it becomes even more difficult for her to breathe.
She’s suffering so much, can barely swallow, and the vibrator is making her cum over and over. There’s only one more thing to do after we cane her feet until her screams almost deafen us, and that is a devastating, brutal skull fucking!
We fuck Lyla’s big mouth and throat with impunity! There’s nowhere for her to hide from the cock; the position is absolute. She can only accept the cock fucking back of her throat – she’s helpless to do anything but cum and suck!
Welcome Cassandra Nix to Hogtied. This adorable girl next door is only 19 years old. Cassandra is so cute and looks so innocent. At 5’10 with sexy long legs and the biggest puffy nipples, this girl is smoking hot.
We bind her elbows and wrist behind her back, her palms are face outward making the position even more helpless. Stripped of her clothes, this 19yr old finds herself at the mercy of The Williams.
A brutal and devastating skull fucking is what happens next. This 19yr can handle cock, and we fuck the back of her throat well. This is breath control at it’s finest. When the cock is jammed all the way down her throat she cannot breath at all, the cock plugs her throat completely.
After being severely punished with dick, Cassandra is hogtied on the ground with her legs spread wide so we can abuse her wet pussy. We suspend the helpless girl and rip orgasm after orgasm out of her nubile body while she moans, screams and struggles in a futile attempt. We make her cum, she can’t stop it. In the end she is left hanging, suffering in the pain in the ropes, unable to do anything.. (KINK)

– Slideshow
– Multiple Chapter Stops
– 16:9 Anamorphic Widescreen
– Shot in HD
– No Regional Coding

Ashli Orion, Cassandra Nix, Lyla Strom

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